Flat Earth Gravity Delusion

This video poses some interesting questions to those questioning the globe earth model –

Questions such as how does gravity and earth’s momentum force a plane or a balloon to follow the earths flight path? Or, why don’t fast traveling planes not make course corrections towards a downward angling horizon? To understand this question, see the diagram at the 18 minute mark in the video.

A commercial jet travels at about 9 miles a minute. In theory, the earth curvature is supposed to drop about 7 inches in one mile. According to my calculations that means if the earth were curved, every minute a plane travels straight ahead it should gain altitude by about 5 feet. Of course that doesn’t happen, and it seems this little fact is ignored by pilots, who never need to take any earth curvature into consideration.

(Part 1 is on the YouTube channel called my perspective.)

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